You cannot not communicate.

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We Are Baklazanas
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Baklazanas is a nomadic design studio focusing on visual branding and communication design for cultural, educational and governmental institutions.
For us, design is a continuous communication. Our art direction aims to engage our clients in the process that not only communicates what they want but clarifies what they are.

The scope of our work encompasses a full range of contemporary communication design services. Whether we work on a visual identity, poster, book design or illustration our designs seek to transform ideas into communicative graphics.
Our cross-disciplinary, cross-cultural, and cross-industry team brings analytical skills and creativity together in order to balance emotional needs with business requirements. We combine a conceptual and strategic approach with expertise in the sphere of cultural branding into all phases of the project from the planning of the communication strategy, project management to the design implementation.
Taking care of every detail and every single step of the design process we always work closely with our clients, no matter big or small, in one-to-one relationships. We strive for simplicity, geometry, color, direct typography and functionalism in all of our solutions.

Our client list ranges from museums and non-profit art spaces to theatres, film producers, publishing houses, universities and research organizations, fashion brands, private charitable institutions, socially conscious organizations, and more.

2022 iF Design Award 2022 (Communication Design) x2 (Germany)
2022 Type Directors Club New York (TDC 68) (USA)
2020 II Competition-Biennale Invented and Made in Russia (Russia)
2019 German Brand Award (Germany)
2019 Graphis Poster Annual Design Award (Silver) (USA)
2018 Red Dot Design Award: Communication Design (Germany)
2017 German Design Award, Best of Communication Design (Germany)
2017 Red Dot Design Award: Communication Design (Germany)
2017 iF Design Award 2017 (Germany)
2016 European Design Awards (Silver)
2015 Red Dot Design Award: Communication Design (Germany)
2013 Red Dot Design Award: Communication Design (Best of the Best) (Germany)
2012 Red Dot Design Award: Communication Design (Germany)
2011 Red Dot Design Award: Communication Design (Germany)
2011 New Museum Token Design Contest (Russia)

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Our services:
Creative direction
Brand guidelines
Brand strategy
Brand identity
Logotype design
Visual identity
Visual language
Graphic design
Poster design
Print design
Editorial design
Additional services:
Creative strategy
Concept development
Branding design consultancy
Exhibition graphics
Our clients' profiles:
Non profit
Consumer and retail
Baklazanas's Ten Design Commandments
1. The cross is the first piece of design. Lowering that bar is a sin.

2. Thou shalt speak with entities by thine design just as the Lord spoke with thou at the upside down mountain out of the midst of the pale fire.

3. Thou shalt have no other gods before the Lord, Flying Fish and the Holy Ghost of Communication.

4. Thou shalt not design without faith, function, research, sacrifice and melancholy.

5. Neither thou shalt design for design's sake. Design that does not solve problems but turns into an embellishment is a sin.

6. Neither thou shalt follow the latest trends and be fashionable and neither thou shalt design without breaking any rules.

7. Neither thou shalt fall into delusion of using any gradient.

8. Neither thou shalt design for the sole purpose of stroking thine ego.

9. Neither thou shalt make any harmful design, multiplying sins such as tobacco, drugs or alcohol use, crime, fish canning or any oppression of human and fish rights. Design without moral consideration cannot exist.

10. Thou shalt keep your wish to change the world with thine design as the Lord hath commanded thee.

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