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Logo design and exhibition graphics
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Centre of Russian Avant-garde (Moscow, Russia) is an experimental multi-disciplinary educational and cultural institution. Its mission is to promote the cultural heritage of the 1910-1930s and the socio-political and scientific context, in which it was shaped it. Being one of the most innovative artistic movements Russian avant-garde literally affected the whole XX century culture and lifestyle – from product design to cinema, from architecture to graphic design.

The Centre of Russian Avant-garde is located in Na Shabolovke Gallery, which is a part of Khavsko-Shabolovsky housing complex built in the late 1920s by the rationalist Asnova (Association of New Architects). It is part of a district with a rich heritage of early Soviet architecture and design, dominated by the famous hyperboloid Shukhov radio tower. Supported by private grants and volunteers, the museum features photographs, video footage, archaeological fragments, archival materials, blueprints, salvaged interior fittings such as door handles, and tools belonging to the tower's visionary engineer, Vladimir Shukov.

We were asked to develop the logo and exhibition graphics for The Centre of Russian Avant-garde. The main goal was to make an indicative logo turning the Centre into a specific landmark because the place is actually hard to find for the first-time visitors.

As the logo functionality and the location were paramount to the client we turned the whole housing complex layout into a logo which at the same time serves like a map indicating the exact location of the Centre. Three colour versions of the logo – red, blue and yellow – repeat the initial colouring of the buildings.

Seven constructivist building used for the exhibition graphics design we used were initially part of our The New Moscow Constructivist map.
Center of Russian Avangarde
Na Shabolovke Gallery


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