Premiere: Keep My Words Forever
Premiere of the new movie Keep My Words Forever (director Roma Liberov) is scheduled for October 12. The movie tells a story of Osip Mandelshtam, one of the most significant Russian poets of the twentieth century. His rebellious spirit challenged the Soviet authorities and he was arrested for "counter-revolutionary activity." The poet was sentenced to deportation to Siberia. Mandelstam died in a transit camp near Vladivostok on 27 December 1938.

The name of Osip Mandelstam was prohibited for 20 years after he passed away. Only in the second half of the 20th century did Mandelstam's creative work became well known and appreciated.

The movie encompasses a wide range of various genres and mediums: documentary, motion graphics, graphic design, collage, digital art and puppet theatre.

We were extremely excited to take part in this project. Studio Baklazanas is responsible for the design of 21 animated chapters of the movie, promotional posters and a limited edition of the Artist's Books.

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