Loft Project Triangle
Culture Center Branding and Visual Identity
Taking a holistic and flexible approach, the visual identity of the Loft Project Triangle cultural centre in St. Petersburg reflects its special architecture and history. The centre includes 80 buildings and occupies the territory of 32-hectare former industrial area, where Russia's largest factory for rubber products, Krasnyi Treugolnik (Red Triangle), operated until the mid-1990s.

For this project we developed a holistic branding strategy and corporate identity both for the main brand and its sub-brands. We applied the identity to a range of collateral including entrance tickets, posters, invitations, ground plans, signage, buildings and varied rubber-inspired merchandise.

The challenge was to focus on the problem of conversion of former industrial areas and saving its unique architecture. The whole territory is divided into 3 areas: Rubber area (art and exhibition area), Latex area (shopping and entertainment area), Caoutchouc area (business and residential area). The abbreviations used in visual communications make reference to the periodic table and derive from the materials the factory used for the production. The corporate design integrates elements of Russian Constructivism and industrial art from the 1920s and reinterprets them in the light of contemporary design trends.
Red Dot Communication Design Award 2012

Loft Project Triangle

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