The Great Utopia
Silk Scarf Design
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This colourful silk scarf celebrates the utopianism of the avantgarde projects, the desire to place art at the service of greater social objectives and to create the new world order. The Great Utopia forever.

It shows the delicate beauty and mathematical poetry of the famous Shukhov radio tower by the architect and pioneering engineer Vladimir Shukhov, considered an icon of early 20th century modernist design. The 160 meters tall Shukhov Tower has become an iconic part of the Moscow skyline and is an architectural masterpiece. Completed in 1922, this hyperboloid lattice structure was built from a diagonal grid of straight steel beams yet seems to pulsate as it rises skyward, each of its six sections growing smaller in the form of an upside-down spyglass. The tower was one of the first buildings to be constructed on the basis of a mathematical model and is often referred to as Russia's Eiffel Tower.
Besides The Shukhov radio tower the scarf features two notable architectural projects: the Flying City by Georgy Krutikov (1928) and the Palace of Soviets by Boris Iofan (1931). They have a lot in common on the surface – both were never released and full of utopian possibilities, but what makes them binary opposites is the notion that they could not coexist.

Limited edition. Handrolled.
Material: Natural 100% silk (twill).
Size: 90x90 cm.

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